OMG: Christina Applegate Tweets "Poop Bag in My Hair" Photo

Christina Applegate

There are things that you do when you become a mom that are things you would never ever do before this big change in your life.  It may be an due to sleep deprivation, being horribly hurried or from major multi-tasking. But moms are known for doing some pretty wacky things in the heat of the moment from changing diapers on the hood of your car to singing wheels on the bus for three straight hours. Motherhood makes you not only inventive but you find you do things you never thought you do. And then there is this example of mommy madness that movie star Christina Applegate shared via Twitter.

She used a doggie poop bag as a hair tie. We don’t know any other details but it seems to be a result of looking for a practical solution for a hair emergency. But one thing for sure, this is probably not something she would have done prior to having kids.

Check out the photo which Christina simply called “Poop bag in my hair.” Hollywood glam this is not, busy mom it is. See the photo she tweeted right here!

Photo: Twitter and PR Photos

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