OMG! Holly Robinson Peete Dressed Up as Prince for Halloween! So Awesome! (Photo)

Holly Robinson Peete Without Her Prince Makeup...

Some people just aren’t filled with the Halloween spirit. If they put on a Halloween costume, they just throw on a wacky hat, put on a store bought mask or just dress in all black and call it a costume. But others? They get into it…really into. They put care, consideration and come up with really fabulous outfits. An example of someone who – in her own words – “nailed it”? Holly Robinson Peete!

Last year the ex-The Talk host, actress and mom dressed up in an amazing Prince outfit! Check it out right here!


Holly Robinson Peete as Prince!

She really did an amazing job! But now she is met with a challenge…what should she be this year? She looking for suggestion so send her a tweet right here if you have any good ideas. Her kids? They think she should be Lil Wayne!

Image: PR Photos and Twitter


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