OMG! Jennifer Garners Baby Bump Is Getting HUGE! (Photos)

Jennifer Garner's Big Baby Bump!

Wow, Jennifer Garner reportedly still has a couple months to go in her pregnancy with her third child. But she looks like she could deliver any minute, her belly bump is getting HUGE!

A grinning Jennifer Garner was spotted out and about with her husband Ben Affleck and their two daughters Violet and Seraphina. Jennifer looks great, gorgeous and very healthy. And she doesn’t seem to be carrying this baby the same way she did the girls. So maybe the rumors that they are expecting a baby boy are true!

Check out more photos of Jennifer Garner, her baby bump and her kids right here:

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    Jennifer Garner
    A very pregnant Jennifer Garner gives daughter Seraphina a lift.
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    Jennifer Garner
    She's pretty strong isn't she?
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    Jennifer Garner
    Ben Affleck seems pretty happy.
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    Jennifer Garner
    It's nice they're spending are enjoying some quality family time before their world gets more hectic.
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    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner with her girls!

Photos: Pacific Coast