OMG, Justin Bieber Rushed To The Hospital! Is He OK?

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Justin Bieber rushed to hospital! Will he recover?

Please check the tween girl nearest you for a pulse when you deliver this Justin Bieber news: The 16-year-old heartthrob was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday. Is the girl still breathing? OK, please reassure her that Justin will be OK, which makes it alright to joke:” Justin Bieber Goes to Hospital After Taking His Own Breath Away!” Do you think he’s suffering from Bieber fever? Read on to see why Biebs really went to the hospital.
His rep released this statement: “He had a mild allergic reaction while they were wrapping up last night on the set of CSI. His doctor met him at the hospital to make sure everything was OK. He was released within the hour after his doctor declared him fine. He is back on set working today. All is well.”
Whew! Gals, you may now return to your regularly scheduled griping over Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating and kissing and generally making Team Bieber angry.


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