OMG! Lil Wayne Has THIRD Woman Pregnant With His Baby?!



OK, honestly, it’s irresponsible of Lil Wayne to have two babies coming in the next few weeks with two different women.  It’s happening, so fine, move forward.  The situation is definitely awkward for the two women involved – singer Nivea and actress/model Lauren London.  But now?  Now, it’s being reported that Weezy may have a third woman pregnant with his baby!

If this is true, it’s down right gross.  He’s a grown man, has he never heard of protection?  And if the woman chose not to protect herself, why not?  So she could purposely try to get knocked up by a famous rapper?

From MediaTakeOut: just received word that Lil Wayne may have ANOTHER child on the way.  A Los Angeles exotic dancer is reportedly telling her co-workers that she’s knocked up by the platinum selling rapper.

The woman, who is of East Idian descent and works at the popular L.A. men’s club Spearmint Rhino, told her co-workers that she just learned of the pregnancy.  And that she’s discussed the baby with Lil Wayne – who wants her to keep it.

We’re working on getting images of the soon-to-be mom now.  But we’re told she’s drop dead gorgeous…

Seriously, this can’t be true. OMG.  I hope Lil Wayne continues to make oodles of money, because he’s going to need it with all the child support he’ll be paying out.