OMG! Oprah's Favorite Things: Audience Gets Brand New Cars!


Oprah Favorite things

That Oprah, she knows how to shock and spoil her audiences. You thought what was given what was given away last week was good? What till you see what she gave out on Monday’s episode! Wowza! And the highlight, the biggie, the best gift of them all? She gave everyone in her audience a brand new car! This isn’t the first time the queen of daytime has given away autos to her audience, but it’s still always an impressive gesture. So what did she give away this time?
A totally redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, which has been redone inside and out.  “This is one powerful, sophisticated, sexy Beetle,” Oprah says. “All of you in this audience will be the first people in the world to own one when it makes its debut next year!”