OMG! Pregnant Hilary Duff Made a Practice Turkey...Her First! (Photo)

Hilary Duff Is Getting Ready for Turkey Day!

Hilary Duff is nervous. Not about the upcoming birth of her baby, but about something far more immediate. The soon-to-be mom is getting anxious about her skills in the kitchen and the pressure of presenting a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

How nervous is she? She actually made a practice turkey!

She tweeted a photo of her Thanksgiving rehearsal as well as tweeting…

Hilary Duff's practice turkey!

“So this year I am cooking my first turkey!im so nervous I’m doing a test round!Someone I know could not keep his sniffer away from the bird!”

Making your first turkey can be a wee bit intimidating and since it is the focus of the family dinner, you want it to be perfect.  Have you ever made a practice turkey or maybe thought about it?

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