OMG! The New Pixar BRAVE Trailer Looks Amazing! (Video)



There has been much written about how Pixar should, nay, needed to finally make a film with a strong female lead character. Up to this point all their main protagonists have been boys or men from Nemo to Woody to Lightning McQueen.

Pixar, they listened.  Their next big blockbuster is all girl. A powerful, strong, and bold being wrapped up in the form of an adorable red haired Scottish girl named Merida.  It’s a tale of overcoming obstacles and challenging assigned gender roles in old time Scotland, but with that Disney/Pixar touch.

The film has a release date of June 22, 2012.  Yes, you will have to wait awhile, but in the meantime check out this stunning clip. It doesn’t just look powerful but perfectly executed.

Check out the brand new Brave clip right here:

Image: Walt Disney