OMG: This Was Painted by an 8 Year Old?!? Meet Amazing Art Prodigy Autumn de Forest


Autumn Young

What is up with these young kids who are so gifted, so talented, and so so artistic? There have been  several of these mini Monets and pint-pized Picasso’s who aren’t just wowing their parents and teachers but are stunning the art world and selling their work for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The newest member to join this elite group of artistic prodigies? 8-Year-old Autumn de Forest.

Autumn’s parents first noticed the craft of this precocious painter when she was about 4-years-old and her gift organically grew from there.  The Las Vegas family started to buy her museum-quality paints and canvases “to see what would happen.” Her dad stated that, “in very short order a prolific kind of blossoming happened, and the canvases started getting bigger and bigger.” And her pieces are now quite large, about 4 to 7 feet and she’s just a little over 4 feet so they’re often larger than she is.

She is inspired by Warhol, Picasso and Dali and makes visual tributes to them like her Barbie Marilyn above. And her work is apparently very sellable. One piece titled People Are Strange sold for a staggering $25,000. That makes her art sales over $250,000. And the money she makes from her art is being saved for her college education.  “I love my paintings, but I’m not the bragger of my paintings,” Autumn said. “If someone is going to pay a huge amount of money to buy my painting and if they know I’m going to spend it to buy a bunch of Barbie dolls, they know you’re going to waste your money on something not important. But people know the money is going into my education, maybe even art school.”

Check out more work by Autumn below as well as a video of her from a recent Today Show appearance.


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