OMG! When Did Matt Damon Become My Dad?! (Photos)

Matt Damon

I know that Matt Damon blames his hair turning grey on his 4 daughters. (Well, kinda sorta, but they think it is funny!) You know that you can change that, right Matt? Then again he really can, because with movies he has to play a role and hair can be a big part of that!

When I saw these photos of Matt visting the set of David Letterman I thought, “Wow that really can’t be Matt Damon!” Because, while he does not look exactly like my dad, he looks like a few of my friends’ dads! And he is not that old!

I know that in show biz and the financial world, they say that when you start to get grey it means you have finally made it! I soooo don’t agree! But, hey if he likes it who am I to criticize it! Right?

Check out the photos below! What do you think? Grey or Nay?

  • Matt Damon 1 of 6
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon happily signs autographs for excited fans before heading into 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in New York City.
  • So Sweet! 2 of 6
    So Sweet!
    Really the one thing I love the most about Matt Damon is that he seems like the nicest guy!
  • One More! 3 of 6
    One More!
    Not wanting to leave anyone out Matt is being extra careful to sign all autographs! What a great guy!
  • So Handsome 4 of 6
    So Handsome
    While grey hair might not be my thing... He is handsome!
  • The Look! 5 of 6
    The Look!
    White button shirt, a tie, black shiny shoes! Matt came prepared!
  • The Other Look! 6 of 6
    The Other Look!
    Black shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, shaved head and glasses... The prescription to look like Matt Damon!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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