One Born Every Minute: With an Epidural or Not


lifetime tvLifetime’s new show “One Born Every Minute” premiered Tuesday night. The hospital from the show has cameras installed all around to capture everything during the labor and delivery process, in a candid manner.

Jamie Lee Curtis narrates the episodes.  Though obviously, the moms have to know that everything is being recorded, I wonder if they really realize just how much is being recorded, since the cameras aren’t in their faces.

The first episode of One Born Every Minute saw moms-to-be decide whether to have natural births or epidurals.  Since I’ve had experience with both, it was interesting to see what choices the moms made and why.

I thought One Born Every Minute gave an honest view of what it’s like to have a baby. At times scary, at times painful, and even funny sometimes.

Did you watch Once Born Every Minute? What do you think?