UPDATED: One Year Anniversary Of Michael Jackson's Death. What Are His Children Doing?


UPDATE: Earlier it was reported that the Jackson kids would be attending the vigil. They will actually be staying in Hawaii .The family wants to provide the kids with a peaceful, quiet time away from the press on the anniversary of their father’s passing.

ORIGINAL: It was one year ago today that Michael Jackson passed away. I remember sitting at my desk, beginning to see news spread on gossip sites and brushing it off because without rock solid confirmation, it was just another Internet death rumor. And then I heard it on MSNBC and my parents called me and my friends called and it didn’t seem real. The only point I knew and could accept it as actual truth was when I was on my way to the deli and a man pulled up at a stop sign and rolled down his window to sadly ask if I’d heard the news.

Every single one of us has a story like this. We can all remember where we were and what we were doing. His death was painful for the nation, but most of all for his children Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12 and Blanket, 8. Living with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, we’ve seen them remain private but in the public glimpses they appear to be well-adjusted, normal, and happy.

Today has to be difficult for them. Yesterday, the kids were in Hawaii with Katherine, hitting the beach and enjoying the ocean. Today, they are expected to travel to the Jackson family’s hometown of Gary, Ind., for a vigil, reports Us Weekly. Though not confirmed it is rumored that Katherine will be unveiling a monument in honor of her son. 

 “A year has gone by but it is still just as emotional. It’s very hard sometimes,” Katherine told Britain’s The Sun. “I am happy that people are celebrating the anniversary because I know the world is missing and remembering him. But every day is a struggle I miss him immensely.”