Oops! Alyson Hannigan Slips and Reveals Baby's Sex on Live TV! (Video)


Alyson Hannigan recently announced she’s not due until June.

The actress is really starting to pop and told everyone to hold their horses, it won’t be happening for a while.

That’s not the only thing Alyson said on television.

As reported on Perezitos, during an appearance on the Rachael Ray show Hannigan was discussing how she hid the baby bump on her sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.  Then she started telling Ray how the baby has been kicking a lot lately and accidentally slipped, revealing that she’s having a…

GIRL!  Looks like Satyana is going to have a little sister to play with.  You can see Hannigan realize her slip but she just keeps going, hoping nobody realizes what she just said. Watch her talking to Rachael Ray and see if you don’t think she revealed her baby’s gender.