Oops She's Doing It Again: Is Britney Spears Back To Her Old Ways?


britney-spearsCrying tantrums, pulling out her hair — is Britney Spears heading for another meltdown?

According to reports Spears has been exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior — tantrums, pulling out her hair in clumps and having screaming fits — and dad Jamie has issued an ultimatum. “Her dad’s reaction was clear — keep it up and she’ll end up back in a mental ward,” a source told the National Enquirer.

Spears’ relationship with her dad has been contentious lately, and the reason may be that she is feeling increasingly constrained by the conservatorship.

“Britney screamed at Jamie that he was making her crazy and that she didn’t know what she would do to herself if she had to continue to be a prisoner for three more years.”

Jamie took this as a sign that his daughter was contemplating suicide. “Jamie took her words as a serious threat and shot back: If she was thinking of hurting herself, he would get her to see a doctor immediately and she would find herself back in a psych ward.”

Britney seemed to be getting her life back together — looking fit and healthy and enjoying being a mother to sons Sean and Jayden — so it would be tragic if these stories are true. I find it hard to believe Spears would risk losing her sons again — she temporarily lost custody a few years ago when she was going through her previous meltdown.