Oprah Asks Employees to Sign Pledge Not to Use Cell Phones While Driving


oprah-winfrey-babyAfter featuring a young couple who lost their daughter when a man talking on his cell phone hit their SUV, Oprah has asked her employees to sign a pledge not to use their phones on the road. Even the hands-free devices.  Which has many employees grumbling that it’s easy for Oprah to abide by such a rule given she’s usually in the back of a limo, not at the wheel.

It would seem Oprah’s heart is in the right place, but is it fair to ask employees to sign such a pledge?  Employees were not “forced” but c’mon, The Opes (who is the boss) asks you to do something and you do it.  Click here to view a video from a father warning why driving and cell phones don’t mix.

Source: Radar Online

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