Oprah's Secret: Reasons Not to Want the World to Know You're Related to Oprah


Oprah family secretOprah has a big secret that she is revealing on her show today.  Oprah’s big family secret has been revealed: she has a half-sister.

While this is a family secret Oprah is revealing, it will probably be harder on her half-sister than it will be on Oprah.  I wonder if her half-sister wanted it revealed or if she wanted to keep it a secret.

Why wouldn’t you want to tell the world you are related to Oprah?

Sibling rivalry, for one. Most of us end up feeling like we are compared to our siblings. When that sibling turns out to be OPRAH? Talk about a complex.

Loss of privacy, for another. You are famous by association and the details of your life will be dragged out in public.

Never-ending strings of favor requests, too. Oh, you’re Oprah’s half-sister? Can you get me on her show? Can I meet her?

In any case, we should get to meet the half-sister on the show today when Oprah’s secret is officially revealed.

Photo: PRPhotos