Oprah: The Girl in the Cage Speaks Out


the girl in the cageWhat a heartbreaking story on Oprah today.  Its been 13 years since Oprah first did a show on the girl in the cage. A little girl was kept in her family’s basement in a small wire dog cage, beaten with wooden clubs, and barely fed. She would be sprayed with cold water when she cried.

The girl in the cage is now 21 years old.  Chelsea came on the show to talk about her experiences.

Chelsea didn’t think to tell anyone about what was going on in her house because she thought that it was normal. How incredibly disturbing.

Though, the girl in the cage has blocked a lot of her memories.  Oprah sent Chelsea back to the house that she grew up in to take a look around. Chelsea talked about being tied up and having duct tape around her mouth.

As the girl in the cage went down into the basement, she started to cry from the memories that it brough back.

Oprah suggested to the girl in the cage that she get some therapy to help her get over her experiences.

Though, Chelsea says that people have a choice to be a victim or to learn from their experiences and move on. She is now the mother of a toddler.