Oprah's Secret: Five Things Oprah's Family Secret Is NOT!!

oprah's secret oprah's family secret oprah secret
Oprah's secret: Five things Oprah's family secret is not

If you’re wondering what Oprah’s big secret is, you’re not alone millions of her fans want to know if she’s being reunited with a long-lost family member, revealing a secret child or finding a birth parent. Still, no one knows for sure, but I do know five things that are NOT Oprah’s secret. I can say for sure that Oprah’s family secret is NOT:

1. That she has been secretly married to Robert Pattinson for the past three years.

2. That she and Gayle King secretly adopted a child together.

3. That she is actually related to James Frey.

4. That the family members who sold her out to the tabloids gave her back all that money.

5. That she is being adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

What is Oprah’s secret what do you think?

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