Oprah's Trip to Australia: The Details!

Details of Oprah's visit to Australia
Details of Oprah's visit to Australia

Oprah Winfrey is flying 300 members of her audience to Australia and we have some details.

Many details of the Australian visit are kept under wraps but Oprah’s Outback adventure is said to cost more than $3 million.

The talk show queen will shoot two episodes of her show at the world famous Sydney Opera House (now being dubbed “Oprah House” in honor of the talk show host) in December with a third taking place at the secret Outback location.

Production crews have been filming at Mt. Mulligan, a sacred site for Aborigines, capturing footage of life in the rugged terrain. Cattle workers have been spotted with wild horses and chasing and capturing wild bulls.

With Oprah’s visit, there will be heightened security.  According to the Daily Telegraph, Winfrey will be treated like a foreign dignitary during her visit to Sydney and will be allowed a government security detail.  Along with personal protection, she will also have police escorts.

But where will Oprah stay during her visit?  There have been many speculations, some saying she will stay at a high security hotel like the Intercontinental or the Shangri-La, while others insist she will live with a regular Australian family.

An Australian family?  Is this Oprah-like?

“She wants to immerse herself in the Aussie culture and she thinks the best way to do that is live with a family and sit down to dinner with them by the barbecue, play a bit of backyard cricket and experience their lifestyle,” a source told one local newspaper.

The Sydney show will also feature thousands of local fans.  Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are confirmed guests with a slew of other Australian A-listers expected to appear.  Oprah arrives next week to tape the shows which will air as part of her final season.  This is first time Oprah’s daytime show is to be filmed outside North America.

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