Oregon Hit By Tsunami Waves: Gus Van Sant, Danny Glover, Lindsay Wagner Worried About Their Hometowns?

Oregon tsunami
Lindsay Wagner Grew Up in Oregon. Is Her Family Safe?

Oregon has hit by tsunami waves, with predictions of high waves.  Are Gus Van Sant, Danny Glover, Lindsay Wagner worried about their hometowns?  Gus Van Sant, Danny Glover, Lindsay Wagner and Sally Struthers are all from Oregon and I hope their families are safe.

The first waves from a tsunami caused by a Japanese earthquake have reached the U.S. mainland along the Oregon coast.

You can watch live coverage of the Oregon tsunami waves this morning via Oregon local news station KGW. You can follow the coverage on Twitter at @KGWNews.

The National Weather Service has put out the following warnings for Oregon: A possible 4.5 foot surge at Clatsop Spit, 3.7 feet at Cannon Beach and 1.3 feet on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula.

Geophysicist Gerard Fryer at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu says high water reached Port Orford, Ore., around 7:30 a.m. PST Friday. Oregon authorities along the coast activated warning sirens hours earlier to alert people to leave low-lying areas. Schools are closed and the state is in emergency mode.

The tsunami hit Hawaii earlier with a 5.7 foot reading at Maui, 3.4 at Hilo, 2.5 at Kauai and 2.2 at Oahu.

Photo: PacificCoastNews