Orlando Bloom on Naming Baby Flynn, Being a Hands-on Dad, Live with Regis and Kelly

orlando bloom baby flynn
Orlando Bloom and baby Flynn

Orlando Bloom stopped by Live with Regis and Kelly to talk about his latest project, “Sympathy for Delicious,” and to dish on being a new daddy!

During his interview, Regis Philbin asked Orlando how they came to name the baby Flynn. Turns out, Orlando and his wife, Miranda Kerr, thought they were having a girl and were intent to name her Evelyn, after his grandmother, who had passed away when Flynn was conceived.

The surprise of a boy threw them for a loop, but they settled on Flynn – which has a bit of the Evelyn sound to it.

As for fatherhood, Orlando Bloom says he’s really a hands-on dad.

“I’m doing the diapers… I’m rocking him, I’m bouncing him,” Bloom said, adding that he likes to “get up first thing in the morning” to spend time with the baby.

Regis asks if Flynn smiles when he sees Orlando.

Bloom explains that he does, and that “He’s been very alert, right from the get-go.”

Orlando is one proud papa!

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