Oscar 2011 Predictions by Roger Ebert: Similar To Yours?


Every year, film critic Roger Ebert makes his Oscar predictions on his website and allows us all to see how close he comes to getting it right. Ebert, who works as a columnist on the Chicago Sun Times, also does his famous Outguess Ebert contest, and if you win, you’ll get yourself $100,000!

So which movie is going to take home the big one – film of the year?

According to Ebert “when a film becomes the chosen one, its glories trickle down,” and that film is The King’s Speech.

He also predicts that Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush will win awards for Best Leading Actor and Supporting Actor. Tom Hooper will take home the Directors Guild Award and Best Director for The King’s Speech.

Natalie Portman is a shoe in for Best Leading Actress for The Black Swan, in which she plays a ballerina who drives herself crazy (literally) in the pursuit of perfecting the biggest part of her life. He says of the role: it had “had Oscar written all over it.”

I was surprised Inception didn’t make the cut for any of the big awards, but Ebert did include it for Best Visual Effects and Sound Editing.

What do you think of Roger Ebert’s predictions? Do they match yours? Do you agree or disagree with his predictions?

Photo: PR Photos