Oscar Hosts 2011: James Franco and Anne Hathaway (Umm, WHY?!?!)

anne hathaway james franco oscar hosts
Anne Hathaway: Will she be nominated for "Love and Other Drugs?"

In “news that sounds like a joke but isn’t,” possibly the two prettiest and definitely most intelligent people in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway and James Franco have been named Oscar hosts. I can think of many, many ways where a Hathaway-Franco pairing would make me swoon: 1) a chick flick; 2) dating and having the world’s most gorgeous children; 3) becoming my BFF (Hathaway) and man candy on the side (Franco).

But Oscar hosts? Really? Were Billy Crystal and Ellen DeGeneres busy that night? I’m not sure whether the non-comedian hosts really work. For every Hugh Jackman (lovely and graceful), there’s a Ryan Seacrest (worst. Emmy. host. EVER!).

I’m guessing they were chosen because they’re Oscar nom frontrunners, Franco for the movie where he cuts off his arm and Hathaway for the movie where she gets to bed Jake Gyllenhall (umm, does that really require acting?).

I’ll stay up after the kids go to bed and watch anyway, of course. What do you think is this an inspired pairing or a big mistake?