Oscar Nominations: But What Is the Difference Between Award Shows?


academy awardsThe Oscar Nominations were just announced.  It’s awards season and it seems like a constant stream of award nominations and award shows. What is the difference between these awards?

The Academy Awards or Oscar is considered the highest level of achievement in awards.  Awards are decided by members of the Academy, all of whom have demonstrated a high level of achievement in the motion picture industry. To become an Academy member, he/she must have at least an Oscar nomination, invited by the board of Governors, and be sponsored by at least two current members. The Academy is considered the best of the best.

The Golden Globes are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) are nominated by a randomly selected panel of the SAG members: this one is peer recognition. 

The Critics Choice Awards and the People’s Choice Awards are just what they sound like.

Do you have a favorite awards show to watch?