Oscar Nominations: Sorry Ben Affleck The Academy's Just Not That Into You!

oscar nominations
Oscar Nominations - Ben Affleck Gets Snubbed!

Sorry Ben Affleck you may have made one of the best films of the year, but the Academy is just not that into you!  The Oscar winner just can’t get any credibility from the awards show even though his film, The  Town, has been lauded as one of the best movies of the year.

Maybe they still hold him personally responsible for Gigli or maybe it’s was his stellar performance in Surviving Christmas, but Ben Affleck just can’t seem to live down his past when it comes to the Academy Awards.   His film, The Town, was not only a hit with the critics but was also a surprise commercial hit with audiences around the country who turned out to see their favorite pretty boy do a turn as a bad-ass bank robber gone good. 

Apparently it’s going to take more than one hit to get Ben Affleck out of the Hollywood doghouse!

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