Oscar Nominations 'The Social Network' Nominees Gushing Love Fest


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Oscar nominations have created a love fest for the nominees of The Social Network. The film’s screenwriter Adam Sorkin and The Social Network’s director David Fincher were GUSHING about their co-workers today.

Adam Sorkin praised Fincher saying” My recommendation to anyone who wants to be nominated for an Academy Award is work with David Fincher.  I’m thrilled to be nominated by the Academy and I’m especially pleased for everyone who worked so hard on the film it is a triumph of teamwork.  I’m honored to have our film nominated in such an incredible year for movies”. David Fincher, director of The Social Network was modest about his nomination, giving praise to the cast and crew.  Fincher said “I’m very grateful and humbled by the nominations for The Social Network. I’m incredibly proud of the work of my wildly talented collaborators in front of and behind the camera — all of whom gave the best of themselves and their talents in service to a film about a ground-breaking American innovation.  This directing nomination represents the sum of the work of all of us, and I want to acknowledge the vast contributions to this film of all of my good friends and creative partners.  The success of our movie belongs to many people, and this nomination is theirs to share.”

Aw, that’s kinda sweet, don’t you think?