Oscar Spoilers from Deadline Hollywood: Why We'll Still Watch!


2011 oscarsDo you like finding out spoilers? If they are out there, I need to find them and know! So, when Deadline Hollywood said they had Oscar Spoilers, I wanted to see!

But, they didn’t give away the Oscar winners! Oh, darn, we still have to wait to find out who the 2011 Oscar Winners are!  But, even if they had given that away, here’s why we’d still watch:

1. The Oscar Red Carpet Fashion: Who will be best dressed and who will be worst dressed? Will anyone show up in an egg or anything else totally bizarre? We want to see it!

2.  Getting to see the reaction of those who do NOT win an Oscar.  Who can keep it together and look like they are happy for the Oscar winners. And when they can’t, oh, how we love that!

3.  The celebrity flubs. C’mon, you know you love it when someone totally messes up their Oscar winner speech.

The Academy Awards are a glamorous night and we want to watch! Even if we knew all the Oscar spoilers ahead of time, it’s good entertainment!