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Oscars 2011: Did Christian Bale Forget His Wifes Name?

By Sunny Chanel |

It must be an overwhelming thing to win an Oscar. Not just to get up on that stage in front of an audience of thousands but to know that, like, billions, would be watching you live on TV. Plus it’s pretty much the biggest honor an actor could get. So, in that state of mind, standing front and center on the stage, clutching that golden statuette and then having to give a speech must be very daunting.That said, I have one question for you…did Christian Bale forget his wife’s name?

When he got up to accept his award for Best Actor he did something that every husband dread, it appeared to forget his wife’s name. He thanked a bunch of people and when he went to thank his wife he stammered and looked like he totally spaced out.  The camera went to his wife’s face which looked like a mixture of joy and awkwardness.

Did you see it? Did you think he was just stunned or did he forget his wife’s name?

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143 thoughts on “Oscars 2011: Did Christian Bale Forget His Wifes Name?

  1. MsFitzTX says:

    No, idiots…he got choked up….didn’t u hear him say he couldn’t believe this moment & expressing his love & thanking her for her support.

  2. khpdave says:

    Christian’s a smart guy. It’s better to forget your wife’s name than to say the wrong name. Good move, CB.

  3. Mike says:

    I think he forgot her name.

  4. anon says:

    He started to choke up and cry. He then said he promised himself he would not do that. retract the headline.

  5. Mat says:

    No you idiot. He started choking up with emotion, and had to take a moment to compose himself. It was obvious.

  6. JJ says:

    I don’t think he forgot it. People don’t generally call their spouse by name at the Oscars. They normally just refer to their husband or wife. I think his reference to “being that guy” was about getting choked up during the acceptance.

  7. tekkaman42 says:

    No, he was about to cry. The man was choking up and couldn’t get it out. He even said as much: “I didn’t think I was like this …” or something like that.

  8. Rastamule says:

    Ya I saw it. I laughed a little, but I think it’s because he was getting choked up. I don’t think he forgot her name

  9. pottergreen says:

    I think he choked up with emotion; he had a similar freeze talking about his daughter…or was it a clever mask to whitewash his forgetfulness?

  10. Brian says:

    I think he got choked up and it only appeared that way. He didn’t say his kids names either.

  11. Mistwell says:

    What a load of crap. He was choking up, not forgetting her name! Yeesh, back your DVR up and watch it again, and you’ll find your interpretation is in serious error.

  12. baby nemo says:

    Personally, I think he forgot his wife’s name.

  13. jimbo says:

    Hollywood wedding. He’s GAY. It was an arranged wedding to further their careers. Jeez, LOOK at him!!!!!!! GAY!!!! (NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!! ;) just fess up to the truth, bro!

  14. Torsten says:

    He didn’t forget anything; he simply broke down when he looked at her.

  15. Noel G. says:

    I hear he is a self-centered jerk…..wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

  16. Nate G says:

    He didn’t forget her name. He said “I thought i wasn’t this kind of person!” right after the pause. He was choking up. But it may have been hard to see because of that insanely manly beard covering his face.

  17. Jeff in Dallas says:

    He appeared at first to have forgotten but it became clear he was breaking up with emotion and had to take a moment to compose himself. No man wants to break into tears on stage and he carried on well after a few seconds to get his grip.

  18. Larry Johnson says:

    He was getting choked up you moron.

  19. Kurlis says:

    I do that all the time.

  20. sailordude says:

    Billion watching?


    Seriously? That sounds way too high by a power of 1000!

  21. Branden says:

    Did you make Christian bale forget his wifes name.

  22. Fred Nugent says:

    Who cares!

  23. Cyn says:

    No, he just seemed to choke up with emotion right at the moment he looked towards her. At first I thought he’d forgotten, then when I heard him talking, it seemed like he was overcome with emotion and started tearing up.

  24. tb says:

    This guy is a tool

  25. Brian P. says:

    Come ‘on….. Then he also forgot his daughter’s name. IMO, he was protecting their anonimity from hacks like you.

  26. Ryan G says:

    He was overwhelmed, did not forget her name, was pausing to say something inspiring about her.
    Does anyone know how i can get a reservation at Dorsia’s?

  27. gil says:

    That’s because everything about Bale is fake… he has a Manufactured Life….
    He is very ego centric…. he displayed real well on the show… can’t stand the guy.

  28. Isabella says:

    At first it appeared that way, but then it seemed like he had just gotten chocked up and could not continue talking for a moment because of the emotion. But then, knowing what an SOB he is, anything is possible.

  29. koedo says:

    You mean his’ wife’s’ name not his ‘wifes’ name, right? Oh, I thought so.

  30. Mike says:

    He botched it! He is Ridiculous….check out

  31. erick says:

    who cares

  32. Bob says:

    He definitely forgot it. It was mortifying. How do you forget your own wife’s name? LOL. Poor guy. She’s gonna shove that Oscar up his a$$ when they get home.

  33. Mikal Karisova says:

    No, he did not forget her name. He was fighting back tears, and was trying to keep his composure. Stop the lie.

  34. nate says:

    great made up story to get views!

  35. rose says:

    He definitely forgot. I know the look; it’s happened to me before.

  36. robert says:

    idiots. . .he paused cause he started crying. didn’t you here him say “i didnt think i was like this” right after. he said he wanted to thank his wife and then paused to gather his composure. he had no intention of saying her name

  37. Marv says:

    If you were paying attention it was obvious that he was completely choked up by emotion. He must obviously love his wife too be so moved even at the mention if her name.

  38. Ryan G says:

    He was overwhelmed with emotion, did not forget her name, was pausing to say something inspiring about her. He’s the man.
    Does anyone know how I can get a reservation at Dorsia’s?

  39. Jack Donlon says:

    Oh yeah he forgot. Wouldn’t want to be him even with the oscar.

  40. P Roth says:

    I don’t think he forgot her name. It must be unbelievably overwhelming to win the award, let alone stand up on stage in front of everyone at that moment, trying not to forget anyone who makes a difference to you. With a million names and feelings roaming through his mind, gotta give the guy a break. As for where to put his Oscar, I vote for on the mantle and not where the last person to reply suggested.

  41. John says:

    He forgot it, but that’s probably a good thing because he was about to call her by his girlfriend’s name and caught himself. The guy’s a great actor but a class A prick let’s face it.

  42. Diane says:

    Nope, it was not that. He choked up when he said he wanted to thank his wife and after a pause said he never gets like that, but did at that moment.

  43. Gregory Sobran says:

    Could be a condition akin to stuttering. A person chokes up under pressure and can’t articulate something they know very well. I have this problem and I just discovered that it is common problem that has been well-researched. (I obviously wasn’t much of a schoolboy.)

  44. Devon says:

    No, he got emotional. Right after that awkward moment he even said, “I didn’t think I’d get like this” and you could hear him choking up before mentioning their daughter.

  45. Jeff says:

    He choked up when mentioning her and the camera was on her instead of him which made the pause kind of weird.

    When the camera came back to Bale he said he wasn’t the type to do this and his voice was wobbly.

    Emotions, not forgetfulness.

  46. joe says:

    he did not forget it. he got choked up with emotion. way to try and make something out of nothing.

  47. Caroline says:

    I don’t think he forgot it. No way do you forget your wife’s name.

  48. kpr says:

    He did not memorize his lines prior to his acceptance speech. That’s either because he did not think he’d win or he just failed to recall his speech. Actors have great difficulty recalling where their homes are. It should come as no surprise that they can’t recall their ‘significant other’s’ name.

    Here’s one to take to the bank though… Divorce within 3 years from today’s date … odds @ 5-4.

  49. Sound Guy says:

    Ok, I cannot believe people would even question this. He just won an OSCAR. It is the highest honor an actor can receive. He almost lost it on stage when he thought about his wife. Let it go people. Try speaking in front of that many people. I think he did an incredible job in the movie, and accepting his award – and he did NOT forget his wife’s name. He was just chocked up and lost his train of thought for a second.

  50. MIchael says:

    He definitely blew that line…and that’s the last “blow” he’ll ever get from her.
    I’m sure she’s on the phone with the best divorce lawyer in the business this very moment.

  51. Steve says:

    What was going on in Christian’s head at that moment:
    Holy crap… does she know? Did I make it too obvious? Oh jesus what do I do? I know! I’ll make something up… something completely believable… like… I was just caught up in the moment and I couldn’t spit out her name. Yeah that’ll work. Oh crap Im so fucked!
    Whatever, that bitch sooo needs me!

  52. Tom says:

    The award was for best supporting actor, not best actor.

  53. Jason NYC Law says:

    Forget the forgotten name (guilty), what’s with the cheesy beard? Has he been cast as the bearded lady in the remake of “The Greatest Show on Earth”?

  54. Mistwell says:

    I am certain (100%) that he did not forget her name. And she didn’t have his ass when he met up with her later, they embraced, as always. You don’t know the two of them. He was tearing up when he saw her in the audience, that is why he paused. The two of them worked so hard to get him to this point. I get that you’re all jazzed that you made the news, but you’re definitely wrong on this one.

  55. Clidderis LeCure says:

    What happened was he couldn’t remember if it was his wife or one of his Ho’s he was trying to name. My guess is that Mr Bale is gonna have his manhood baled up and feed to some live stock when he gets home tonight. You’ve got to wonder how he remembers his lines if he can’t remember… you know.

  56. i dont think so says:

    He didnt forget it. At first i too thought he did, but than he said something about promising himself not to do this, meaning, he got choked up as he was going to say her name. and followed it up with something nice about her. its all good.

  57. Joe says:

    The two old jealous hags from the E after party ruined it. keep those jealous haters away. They only showed how old, washed up and jealous they’re.

  58. Sen says:

    I thought he was about to cry when he looked at her and he stammered trying to regain his composure. I think he was overcome with emotion at that moment, which to me meant she was a great support to him in his work to win the Oscar.

    I readily admit, I am an incurable romantic. ;)

  59. Tim D says:

    I thought he stammered and stopped speaking because he got choked up. You couldn’t see his face because the camera shifted, but his voice broke and he said something to the effect of, “I didn’t think I was this kind of person [to get all emotional in a speech.]” He remained emotional for what little remained.

    So…no. I don’t think he forgot his wife’s name. I think he got choked up with emotion and so his speech trailed off…

  60. p3orion says:

    He and Christina Aguilera should get together and compare notes about making a public fool of yourself. She can remind him of his wife’s name, and he can teach her the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.

  61. Josie says:

    Very painful! I felt bad for her..and for him.

  62. Charlie X says:

    Get a life.

  63. christine Cooper says:

    His mind went totally blank when it came to thanking his wife and the cameras focusing in on her. He was extremely anxious and nervous when he was making his speech, so I assume it was stage fright that made him forget her name.

  64. Real Rick says:

    Went to sleep when it started, woke up hours later and didn’t miss a thing.

  65. Oscar says:

    Christian didn’t forget his wife’s name. He was caught up in the moment and when he saw his wife he got choked up and couldn’t finish what he was going to say about her, hence the following comment from him that he didn’t expect to get like this, then continued on to thank his wife. He’s never said his wife’s name in his acceptance speeches before.

    Stop reaching for a story that’s not there.

  66. J M says:

    Mabey he wasn’t thinking of his wife….mabey he was pulling the punch…

  67. Regor says:

    At first I thought he forgot but then he looked like he was emotionally moved and I think he just couldn’t say it without breaking. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  68. chris rennick says:

    I think it is more (I hope for his sake) the opposite problem. A lot of folks tonight seemed to be avoiding publicizing the names of their loved ones, possibly out of some sense of shielding them from the lime light. It seemed more to me like she said beforehand if you use my name I’ll kick your a$$. And when he almost did he had to struggle to transition to some other thank you formulation and ended up creating an awkward anacoluthon.

  69. idiots says:

    really? of all the things you could report on tonight, this is it?

  70. Steve Kelley says:

    Watch it again. He did not forget her name. He was trying not to cry, fighting it back. He paused and finally said, “I didn’t think I was like this,” meaning he didn’t think he’d be so emotional.

  71. Jason says:

    It’s Mrs Bale, isn’t it?

  72. Keziah says:

    What the author of this article forgot was that Mr. Bale received his Oscar for Best SUPPORTING Actor, not Best Actor. And I imagine writing an article is not NEARLY as stressful as winning that award was for Bale. So shall we cut him some slack? Hmm?

  73. paul says:

    No, he did not forget his wife’s name. He got choked up and paused. that is why he said something like: “Wow, I didn’t think I was like this” to me, meaning someone who would get choked up. I never for a moment thought he forgot her name… I could be wrong but that is what I saw and hear.

  74. tim burd says:

    No, he didn’t forget it…he was so overwelmed with emotion for her that he was completely yoo choked up to say her name! If anyone thought any different they are just trying to get a story…what idiots!

  75. lethargic says:

    Good Lord. When he looked at her and started to thank her he got choked up and stopped talking. He didn’t forget her name.

  76. wankasaurus says:

    yes indeed! don’t 4get, this is the same selvish, bastard who beat up on his mum and sister! not to mention berated a hard working gaffer on set! his self image clearly does not match his successes: this will not bode well for those who would love him ….

  77. Sheena says:

    Was he on drugs or what? If I was his wife I’d kick his ass. Embarrassing!

  78. waicool says:

    dude, he was choking up

  79. cathie says:

    I thought he got choked up and was on the verge of tears not that he forgot his wife’s name.

  80. Pizzacorner says:

    These dip shits are actors. They pretend for a living, and the majority are ignorant fucktards. Hollywood ass lickers just seem to equate their brain size with their bank accounts.

  81. David says:

    I seriously doubt he forgot his wife’s name (which is Sibi). They’ve been married 11 years. It seemed to me that when he referred to his wife, he was overcome by emotion, which he had been trying to hold back. That’s all.

  82. observer says:

    At first I thought he forgot it, but I’m pretty sure he just got choked up and had to stop for a moment.

  83. pentta says:

    just watched it. hard to say if he actually forgot her name or was just choked up. he also mentioned his daughter, but didn’t say her name either. i’m gonna go with choked up.

  84. brid sheehan says:

    Yep. I think he did forget her name.

  85. PoochieGirl says:

    Not forgetting the horrible recording of his extended verbal barrage against someone he just worked with, I imagine he needed that extra time to remember what his wife’s real name is. He is probably accustomed to calling her every other name in the book. These foul-mouthed so-called celebrities are amoral, self-worshipping clods. You can keep ‘em all.

  86. Judy says:

    How do you forget your mates name is beyond me??!!! I would let him have it when we got home and not in a good way. LOL

  87. Jeff says:

    Just a bunch of “I LOVE ME” a$$holes.

  88. JFR says:

    It sure as shooting looked like he forgot her name. Let’s see Bale try to bail himself out of this one before his wife bails out on him.

  89. steve says:

    I usually don’t get myself involved with commenting on much but in defense of Bale it looked more like that he was overcome with emotion and was breaking down and started crying. Not forgetting his wife’s name.

  90. Robby Gonzalez says:

    Come on, give the guy a break. It is a stress thing. I had a mental block once at a formal ball, where I knew everyone and had to introduce about twenty people to each other. I had a mental block when it came to introducing my girlfriend. It was just the pressure, but she never forgave me and we soon broke up. I say good riddance to that b*tch.

  91. LJV says:

    Yup, he definitely forgot it! My wife and I had a good laugh as we realized what was happening.

  92. Uncle Jim says:

    I believe he’s raising ferrets in his basment…

  93. Uncle Jim says:

    Sorry to all the ferrets out there…

  94. Tim says:

    Looked like he was getting choked up when he started talking about her. He tried to get through that final part several times and just really seemed to be getting emotional. Did he remember to thank his lighting director?

  95. Susie says:

    Honestly? Are you stupid? He had an emotional moment. He took a pregnant pause. He didn’t forget his wife’s name…

  96. Uncle Jim says:

    Can’t we fly Sheen and Bale to some remote islands and leave them there?

  97. Uncle Jim says:

    Oh yeah, “and a bunch of wild dogs”…

  98. Dan says:

    He didn’t forget. He got emotional when he was about to say her name. He didn’t choke. He got choked up.

  99. James says:

    He didn’t forget it … watch it again. He got choked up as he went to talk about her. He couldn’t get any words out for a second or two and it just so happened that the next word would have logically been his wife’s name. He was fighting back tears, that’s all.

  100. jeannieology says:

    He can memorize whole movie scripts but when it comes to the mother of his children…her name evades him?

  101. ak says:

    that’s exactally what I said as we watched. he forgot his wife’s name. holy crap.

  102. Jamie says:

    really looks like he just got choked up and was about to cry. he introduced her as his ‘beautiful wife’, not like he needs to tout her name she’s not the producer, jeez.

  103. PAUL NEMO says:

    BFD, I can’t remember her name either; but, I’m NOT the one who has to sleep w/ her AHAAHAAHA

  104. Jsmith says:

    I think if I forgot my wife’s name in public like that, she’d get mine right on either the divorce paperwork or my tombstone.

  105. Artbyruth says:

    He won for Best Supporting Actor…

  106. Josh M says:

    He did NOT forget his wife’s name. He briefly became overcome with emotion when he looked at her.

  107. Freshwreckage says:

    He got choked up when it came to her because of how emotional he was at the moment AND also because of how tight the two are as couples go. I think she is very important to him and when the moment came to say her name, the emotions threatened to boil over. It has happened to me as well. That is when you shut up for a moment until it passes.

  108. LowJournalismStandards says:

    You write “When he got up to accept his award for Best Actor he did something that every husband dread, it appeared to forget his wife’s name.”

    Is English your second language?

  109. Eric says:

    He didn’t forget her name…he was about to break up and start crying. He paused for a second to compose himself, and then went on. No big deal.

  110. Marissa says:

    At first I thought he forgot his wife’s name too, but then he said “I didn’t think I’d get like this” or something to that effect and I think he just choked up, like he was about to cry, which was why he stopped talking. I’m crossing my fingers that was what happened and not that he forgot!

  111. lisa goodman says:

    he didnt forget he thanked his wife- then he forgot what he was going to say- that is making something out of nothing- what BS

  112. gphx says:

    ‘When he got up to accept his award for Best Actor he did something that every husband dread, it appeared to forget his wife’s name.’

    You might want to read such things before you post them.

  113. Jill DeHavilland says:

    He was choked up. He even alluded to the fact. Non-story folks, move along, nothing to see here.

  114. Meredith Eugene Hunt says:

    At such a moment, a person will forget anything.

  115. Sam says:

    Bale did not forget his wife’s name. If you watched his face he was struggling to hold back some tears of joy when he mentioned her. This is a non-story!

  116. doc says:

    As a psychologist I can tell you that it’s quite common for people in moments of stress to have mental blocks or inhibitions. That’s why people use notes etc. when in front of a group. It happens to everyone at some time in their lives.

  117. Marty says:

    Who cares?

  118. Jim says:

    Uh, people aren’t idiots for thinking it, in fact, more than likely he did forget his wife’s name, but he is too smart to just let it hang there, and covered it up, and made it more believable by mentioning his daughter (also without name) to make it look emotional, when in fact he was perfectly fine throughout the rest of the speech. Those who like to call other idiots really need to learn social queues, and how to read people, or else you’ll just end up working at a McDonald’s.

  119. james says:

    I’m much more worried that he seems to have forgotten where his shaving kit is. Some people can pull off wearing a beard… He’s not one of them.

  120. sean patriot says:

    Who even watches these monkeys give each other trophies anylonger ?

  121. paul smith says:

    I forgot her name.

  122. Pete says:

    the guy is a complete head case – “ohh, good for you!!!”

  123. Smarter then You says:

    Your an idiot, he was choked up. You the media are worst than monkeys.

  124. Dave says:

    He forgot.
    If they would tell the award winnners that naming and thanking their wife, children, mother, father, guinea pig, next door neighbor, priest, etc would cut the shows running time considerably.
    Who cares what their names are, we all have wives, live ins, partners, some have children that they will name, most have parents, a dog, a cat, etc.
    Just stick to thanking the people in the industry that really made it happen for you, if you so desire, if not lump ‘em all into one big “Thank You!”

  125. Joe Astroturf says:

    He was thinking how much money he was going to donate to OBam and the unions in 2012. All these public union slackers that work for 20 years and then retire on your backs we’re losing our healthcare that we worked for. Unlike the nonpublic unions that have to create a product they just have to vote in democrats like Nancy Pelosi so they can get rich and her elected. Their taking Avastin away from 17,000 women with late-stage breast cancer and delabeling it . This means your girlfriends and wives and daughters won’t get to live as long as craggly face Nancy Pelosi. If you don’t believe me do a web search on it and FDA decision. This is one of the reason I wrote this song “Teapartiers I can’t hear you” at Older Vets and citizens don’t let them do this to your wife and loved ones. Nancy Pelosi can afford and get Avastin if she needs it, she don’t care about you but the illegals that will get your healthcare and will vote for her.
    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    Hey guys if you fought at Iwo or the Chosen
    when they stop giving your wife her meds and her last breath comes over her face
    you’ll find comfort knowing Nancy’d gladly take her place.

  126. Rastus says:

    Who cares??

  127. adsfadf says:

    I love Him. He is my brother.

  128. GozieBoy says:

    Isn’t this the same whacko that got into physical fights with his mother and sister not long ago? He seems to have family issues…

    And Batman never cries.

  129. Skiprt says:

    I know Christian. He is a smart guy who really dedicates himself to his craft. So he got emotional after winning one of the greatest prizes on Earth. We still love him.

  130. Nate says:

    He choked up. Quit trying to stir up the pot of the heck of it. All you want are hits. Sheesh.

  131. ahem says:

    He’s been married for years, so I seriously doubt he forgot it. Maybe too much joy and one too many glasses of wine.

  132. ahem says:

    Actually, what I was wondering was where the heavy English accent was coming from; you’ll notice it’s missing in his famous on-set rant. Hmmmm.

  133. Bubbs says:

    He totally forgot his wife’s name. That was my gut reaction (and I’m a wife).

  134. Bill Mitchell says:

    It’s called a “brain fart” people. I happens to everyone, especially under tense circumstances. Anyone who has never had a fact or figure or name they KNOW they know just slip away at the worst possible moment is in position to judge.

    Another thing. He may rarely, if at all, call his wife by her proper name. He may use a pet name privately and thus kind of short-circuited when he had to use her real name.

  135. SHARON says:

    He definitely forgot her name.

  136. pgiven24 says:

    I honestly think he just choked up, caught in the moment. This guy has been acting since he was a kid (Empire of the Sun) and I’m glad he was finally honored. He blew me away in “American Psycho” and I was equally impressed with “The Prestige”. He is without doubt one of the finest contemporary actors out there, its good he finally got his due.

    Cut him some slack, of course he didnt “forget” his wife’s name…he stammered. Even if he did, that’s still better than Hillary Swank a few years back.

  137. Banksy says:

    It is so obvious he forgot his wife’s name, watch it again.
    The pause, the hand gesture, the voice change …
    Stop fooling yourselves.

  138. zooey says:

    Bale forgot the first rule of public speaking (be brief) and then clearly went on to go blank on his wife’s name… A rule of thumb, when thanking a loved one… call them Sweetheart, Darling, whatever fits… that way you can never go wrong…

  139. AntZ says:

    Who cares, he sucks.

  140. STeve says:

    Yes he did!!! My old roomate is friends with Bale’s manager and he did in fact forget his wifes name for a moment. He recovered nicely, but he’s probably got 4 or 5 other girlfriends and he truly did forget her name according to my source.

  141. The Dude says:

    What a poorly written post. Anyways, he does have a history of domestic abuse with the wife and mother. But probably just got chocked up. I don’t know… I didn’t waste one second of my life watching the Oscars last night. Worthless celebutards!

  142. ROBERT says:


  143. Anja says:

    Bale never mentions the name of his wife or daughter, so why would he wanna say it out loud to everyone at the Oscar’s? He got choked up and emotional, that’s all :)

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