Oscars 2011: Was Host James Franco Awkward, Nervous or Just Stoned?


There were high hopes for hosting duo of James Franco and Anne Hathaway. It was going to be fresh, it was going to be new, it was going to be young and hip. But sadly, except for the Tweeting during the event, there wasn’t anything that young-ish about it. The odd casting of the two actors turned out to be what seemed like an experiment that really didn’t work.

Anne Hathaway? She worked it. She sang, she had many costume changes, she brought enthusiasm. Franco? He seemed distracted, bored and, well, kinda stoned.  And others agreed saying:

The Hollywood Reporter said that ,” the 83rd Annual Academy Awards will likely be remembered as the night James Franco couldn’t act like a host.” They added that , “Anne Hathaway at least tried to sing and dance and preen along to the goings on, but Franco seemed distant, uninterested and content to keep his Cheshire-cat-meets-smug smile on display throughout.”

The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever  said “Franco came off like that lacrosse boy you wish your daughter didn’t hang out with so much, sort of heavy-lidded and smirky and … well, let’s give him credit for being James Franco, the 23-hour-a-day workaholic/grad student/filmmaker/soap-opera/not-best-actor wunderkind of his generation. Turns out hosting Oscars is when the dude decides to take a rest.”

He probably was just out of his element, exhausted, and really wasn’t sure what to do in front of a audience of a billion or so people. And as for being stoned?  He once said  – regardless of what Pineapple Express conveyed – that he hasn’t smoked pot since high school, but that “people think [he’s] stoned anyway.”

What do you think of his performance as host?