Ouch! Tony Romo Has Fractured Clavicle - Would You Let Your Kid Play Ball?


Tony Romo

When I see a football player (or any athlete for that matter) get beat up while in the midst of playing their game I can’t help but think of their mothers. The moms who gave birth to them, raised them, and tried to keep them safe. These women made sure to keep their limbs and lives intact. But what did these men go out and do when they grew up?  They opted to risk those same limbs that she once cared for and protected. So what is Tony Romo’s mom thinking tonight after he fractured his clavicle?  

He’s been playing for a while so she’s probably pretty used to him being banged up and bruised.  And Monday night was no exception. During the second quarter he was hit Michael Boley and his left collarbone was broken.  You could just imagine her cringing while she saw the play unfold. But on the good side, Tony will have more down time to spend with family since he’ll be out for about 8 to 10 weeks if not the entire season.

Would you let your little boy play football?


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