Our Favorite Eighties Cartoons That Need To Make A Comeback (Photos)


PicMonkey CollageAccording to my eighties cartoons, I should not only be driving my kids in my space mobile to school everyday, but I should be sporting bubble-pink hair with a “contagious” name and wardrobe, have a twin brother that resembles Brad Pitt from “Troy,” and help my quirky uncle evade trouble while trying to solve mysterious clues with his helicopter hat on. Hmm… well, at least we got it right with our Jetson-like Skype and video calling!

While I’m sure that a lot of children of the nineties might differ with me here, cartoons from the 1980s were simply AWESOME and that’s most likely why a lot of our favorite characters from that era are making a comeback. And while My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake are enjoying their little comeback with our children, there are so many out there that still need to be dusted off from the back warehouse where they’ve been hiding and put back into the spotlight. Does She-Ra or Jem ring a bell to anyone?

Check out our photo gallery of some of our favorite cartoons from the mid-eighties and tell us, did you watch any of these as a kid? They sure do bring back great memories!

  • She-Ra 1 of 6
    One of the most exciting holidays I had was when I received a She-Ra castle for Christmas when I was a 1st grader. I, and perhaps millions of other 6-year-olds back in 1986 were obsessed with She-Ra, her horse Spirit and all of those cool friends she had that helped her fight the evil skull. I mean, Barbie could never do that... right? Angelina Jolie so needs to dye her hair blonde and do a live-action remake of She-Ra. Hollywood, make that call!

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  • The Jetsons 2 of 6
    The Jetsons
    According to the Jetsons, we got the future all wrong. It's 2013, and I'm still not driving my kids in my space mobile to car everyday, LOL. At least we're Skyping and video calling, so that's a start! Plus, Jane was the ultimate future stay-at-home mom, wasn't she?

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  • He-Man 3 of 6
    Is it just me, or does He-Man, Prince of Eternia look a little like Brad Pitt from "Troy?" LOL. Well, whereas all the little girls out there wanted to be She-Ra, then the boys wanted to be her twin brother, He-Man. Come on, you know you want to say it out loud: "I WANT THE POWER!" Your kids will be scratching their heads and looking at you, saying, "huh?"

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  • Rainbrow Brite 4 of 6
    Rainbrow Brite
    If both My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake can make a comeback, then how come Rainbow Brite is being ignored? Show me a woman in her 30s or early 40s who was NOT Rainbow Brite for Halloween during the mid-eighties, and I'm sure you'll have a hard time with that, LOL. Rainbow Brite was the ultimate eighties cartoon icon, if you ask me.

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  • Inspector Gadget 5 of 6
    Inspector Gadget
    Getting home from school at promptly 2:59 everyday was extremely important to me, because that would mean that I wouldn't miss a minute of Inspector Gadget. And yes, I always secretly wanted to be Penny.

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  • Jem 6 of 6
    The hair, the make-up, that KISS! I dare you not to sing "Jem is my name, no one else is the same," in your head while you're at work today. Oh who am I kidding.... it's contagious! Plus, her wardrobe was so much more fashion-forward than her counterpart at the time, Barbie. Am I not right?

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