Our Nickname Suggestions For Snookis Baby Guido (Or Guidette)

How about Vinny Junior? You just never know!

With a nickname Snooki, you know that without a doubt the most bankable Guidette from the Jersey Shore is going to come up with an outrageous name for her little pickle. I mean snickle.

A quick survey in the Twitterverse gave us a lot of great name suggestions for Snooki’s (government name: Nicole Polizzi) future bundle of joy. But unfortunately, we can’t print some of them here. You know, because they were just so nice and thoughtful and all.

Check out some of our name suggestions for Snooki’s future Guido or Guidette here and tell us what you think!

  • Pickle 1 of 10
    There are a lot of parents out there that call their new bundle of joy pickles, and this would only be too fitting for Snooki's baby as this also happens to be her favorite snack in the world.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Snickle 2 of 10
    Or we can just make it a hybrid: Snooki + Pickle = Snikle.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Gino “Bambino” 3 of 10
    Gino "Bambino"
    This one is actually very cute, very Italian, and very Jersey.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Vito “The Machine” 4 of 10
    Vito "The Machine"
    The next generation's Situation. You totally can see it, right?
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Orangina 5 of 10
    Because that's what color the baby would come out as?
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Hardy 6 of 10
    After Ed (you decide which one I'm talking about).
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Grimlette 7 of 10
    We can see the media picking up on this one for a nickname.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Axe® 8 of 10
    So that baby Guido can smell as good as his potential Godfathers, The Situation or DJ Pauly D.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Vinny Jr. 9 of 10
    Vinny Jr.
    You never know, people. You never know.
    Photo via Twitter.com
  • Toto 10 of 10
    Eh, why not?
    Photo via Twitter.com

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