"Ovo" By Cirque Du Soleil: A Story About Bugs! (Video)


I love Cirque Du Soleil and have seen many of there performances, amazed each time by the energy and movement of the production. Cirque Du Soleil’s newest performance, Ovo, is all about the insect ecosystem and allows us watch ants, butterflies, crickets, spiders, and other creatures work, eat, play, and love.

In usual Cirque fashion, there’s nonstop movement and sights to leave you dropping your jaw every few minutes. If you’ve never seen a show, there is incredible “how-do-they-do-that” aerial, acrobatic and balancing feats, as well as imaginative and beautiful staging.

In Ovo, a bug arrives to a new town bringing with him a mysterious giant egg (“Ovo” is Portuquese for egg). This creates confusion within the town as the residents try to figure out what it is. The stranger also falls for a ladybug, which further complicates his settling down in town comfortably.

Ovo premiered in 2009 in Montreal, and has been making its way around the country ever since. Variety says of Ovo that the show: “branches out in several fairly bold directions, a sign of an organization willing to challenge the status quo.”

Reviews of Ovo have featured highlights such as mind-boggling trapeze acts, a cocoon-into-butterfly aerial ballet, an almost unbelievable foot-juggling display of “ants” tossing giant kiwi slices, and the breathless ensemble routine of figures bounding from a trampoline onto a climbing wall.

I for one can’t wait to see Ovo…are you planning to see it when it hits your town? Are you a fan of Cirque Du Soleil performances?

 If you haven’t ever seen a performance, you can catch the Ovo trailer in the video below!

Photo: PRPhotos

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