Owner Of Octo-Mom's House Starts Foreclosure Proceedings


octomomAmir Haddadin is the man who owns Nadya Suleman’s house, and he doesn’t believe for one minute that the mother of 14 is ‘destitute‘ as she claims, and he’s started foreclosure proceedings on her house.

In an interview with, Haddadin says that 

 “I think she’s lying. It’s all a lie.  She has money, she’s been paid for things. I think she’s hiding her money and I intend to expose her to the public.   I’m kicking her out. That’s it. I’m kicking her out because she can’t stay in my house if she’s not paying,”

Suleman has faith that she won’t be evicted from her home though.  She also told RadarOnline that

” It takes a couple of months or a few months to be really in default through the bank so it takes time and in those few months I’ll find a way to secure money to pay off the mortgage.”

Suleman has been in the press a lot lately – mostly due to her dire financial situation.  Is this a desperate plea for attention in hopes that someone, anyone, will step up and want to exploit this family for financial gain?  TMZ is claiming that Suleman was offered a substantial amount of money by an adult video company, but fortunately for all of us, and most importantly for those kids, Suleman has turned down the offer.   Do you agree with Haddadin and think that she’s got money hidden somewhere?  And where will the family of15 go to now?  It’s a terrible thought, but if she can’t take care of her kids,do you think she’s at risk for losing them?  14 children and no income is quite a burden, and if she can’t afford to keep a roof over their head is she capable of taking care of her kids?

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