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oz You may have to wait until March 8th to see the upcoming Disney blockbuster Oz: The Great and Powerful but you can set sail on your personal voyage to Oz with the site. It is called the “Google Chrome Experiment,” and it is a fascinating, fun and completley engaging experience marrying brand new web browser techniques with the gorgeous images, look, style and story of Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Our own Ana Flores went to the press event in Los Angeles last week, at Google’s office there, and was impressed tweeting that it is a “amazing collaboration between tech and storytelling.”  And she is right, it truly is.

Disney states:

Like any good circus, there’s plenty to keep you entertained: compose your own music, play with a fun photo booth and create your own movie with a zoetrope. The path to Oz also involves confronting an ominous tornado; surviving it completes the journey, enabling fans of the movie to watch an exclusive unreleased clip from the film.

Yes, it’ll keep you busy! But it won’t totally quench your thirst, you will be even more anxious to see the real thing when the film opens!

Check out a teaser video below, plus find your own way to Oz right here! (note: you’ll need Google’s Chrome to play).

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