Ozzy Bieber Commercial - Best Buy Delivers A Cure for Bieber Fever! (Video)

ozzy bieber Commercial
Ozzy Osbourne Justin Bieber Commercial

The Ozzy Bieber Commercial during the Super Bowl is making headlines mainly because it just seems to continue the overall world domination of Justin Bieber.  For me it was the final straw and a clear indication that the world needs to find a permanent cure for Bieber Fever!

That’s right, I’m sick and tired of Justin Bieber! It’s time to join the ranks of the grown-ups around the world and put an end to the Bieb’s endless marketing tour.

Watch Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne’s Super Bowl Commercial….

There were so many ways that Best Buy could have taken with their Ozzy Bieber Commercial that harken back to Ozzy’s rock god past.  Instead they went the route of making Ozzy Osbourne old and irrelevent — big mistake.  The grown-up folks (the ones with the cash) like Ozzy Osbourne, the youngsters (the ones who depend on us for the cash) will outgrow Justin Bieber in about five minutes.  Ozzy summed it up best for all the grown folks out there, “What’s a Bieber?”  That’s what we’ll all be asking a few years from now and Ozzy will still be Ozzy!