Ozzy Wants Johnny Depp To Star In Ozzy Biography


ozzy-osbourne-with-ratIf an Ozzy Osbourne biopic was green lighted to start production, who would be your first choice to play the dark god of rock ‘n’ roll-turned geriatric parenting icon?

I don’t that there’s any doubt that, based on his portrayal of drugged-out characters like Hunter Thompson, George Jung and his Keith Richards-inspired portrayal of Cpt. Jack Sparrow — Johnny Depp is the hands down front-runner. But will Johnny take the role?

The Prince of Darkness hopes that 2009’s “most stylish man” will turn his life story into a Oscar-winning rockumentary. Says Ozzy: “People are working on scripts right now… He’s one of the few actors who knows about rock ‘n’ roll who does a really good English accent.”

Honestly I’m totally hoping that Johnny will give this movie the green light, because he would kill in that role. I think he could even make the whole reality TV part of the biography really entertaining and funny.

Still, do you think Johnny wants to take time away from his family to take on yet another role as a borderline crazy burn-out? We’ll see.


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