Pacman Google Doodle: One Of The Best Google Logo Doodles Ever!


If you’re a big fan of Google, than you’ve probably noticed that they change their logos depending on what’s going on. For instance, today is Jules Vernes’ birthday, and so Google is honoring the author with an interactive 20000 Leagues Under the Sea logo.

And that got me thinking: what are some of the most popular Google logos ever?

These are the top three picks from the official Google logo designers:

#1 Top Pick: Persian New Year, March 21, 2006

#2 Top Pick: Valentine’s Day, 2005

#3 Top Pick: Painter Joan Miro’s Birthday, April 20th, 2006

I really like the top pick, but there are a lot of really cool ones out there! Here are some of them:

National Teacher’s Day, 2005

St. Patrick’s Day, 2005

Earth Day, 2010

Norman Rockwell’s Birthday, 2010

My very favorite of all time: Pacman’s 30th Anniversary, May 2010

Which are your favorite Google logo doodles?