Padma Lakshmi, Adam Dell Over For Months


Padma Laskshmi is apparently disconcerted over all of the attention she’s been receiving upon the birth of her daughter, Krishna. Probably part of the intrigue is because the father of her baby was unknown for so long, which added some mystery and led to speculation.

Her relationship with Krishna’s dad, Adam Dell, is over, and has been for some time.

“They had an on-and-off minimal relationship that ended many, many months ago,” a source told PEOPLE.

As for the rumors they are haggling over visitation? Apparently not true.

“There already is a very fair agreement in place. She doesn’t want anything from him. She’s juggling all of this with motherhood and preparing to go back to work and it’s a lot to handle.”

It’s not easy being a single mother, even for a celebrity.


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