Padma Lakshmi Talks Baby, Breastfeeding, and Top Chef Season 7


padma laksmi baby

For Padma Lakshmi, baby (and breastfeeding!) comes first these days — though Top Chef Season 7 comes in close behind. She recently told, of baby Krishna Lakshmi, “I live and die by the tiniest gestures and expressions on her face.” In fact, Padma said, “Everything is better with her around.” Well, not everything. The Top Chef host had some not very kind words to say about breast pumping.

Though she seems to love breastfeeding, she says, “I don’t like to pump, I’d rather just nurse. Sometimes I have to, but I’m not into the pumping. It feels very bovine.” Bovine? OUCH.

As for what to expect on Top Chef D.C. this season, she seems to have heard the rumors that a local First Lady will make a guest-judge appearance, but she won’t reveal too much. “Um … I can’t say,” she responded when asked about a Michelle Obama role on the show. It’s not a stretch. The First Lady previously made a prominent appearance on Iron Chef, and has shown serious concern about how Americans, especially American children, eat.

As for how Padma’s own child eats, expect Krishna to get plenty of spice in her life. In addition to selling her own line of spices, Padma says, “I’ve been taking the spice fenugreek in pill form because it’s supposed to be good for nursing.”

What are your thoughts on pumping, and on spices for breastfeeding?