Padma Lakshmi Loses Baby Name Battle With Ex Adam Dell

Padma Lakshmi

Wow! It looks like Padma Lakshmi ripped out a page from Halle Berry‘s How To Burn Your Baby Daddy guidebook when it comes to trying to settle her issues with her ex, Adam Dell (of Dell Computers fame).

The Top Chef host apparently refused to acknowledge Adam as the father of their daughter, Krishna, and even left his name off the child’s birth certificate. Well, Adam won this round of their baby battle as a court in New York City has declared that the father has a right to add his last name to his daughter’s name along with secured extra custody and visitation rights to the baby girl. The little girl will now be known as Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell.

Adam even revealed in court that Padma had cruelly told him she hoped her late partner, billionaire Teddy Forstmann, “was the child’s biological father,” according to the New York Post. Padma even encouraged her Krishna to call the late Teddy “papa,” much to Adam’s dislike.

And this whole time we all thought Padma was just a nice, good-natured Bravo television host, right?

A DNA test proved Adam to be the father during Padma’s pregnancy and ever since she’s played the part of a scorned gold digger.