Padma Lakshmi Says Birth Was A "Burst of Joy"


Though Padma’s not too keen on sharing the details of her love life with the media, she’s more than happy to discuss her 4 week-old daughter Krishna Thea’s rapidly-developing personality.

According to the doting mother, “She’s very independent and very funny. She’s a good communicator and is very witty already.”

Though emotions run high during most deliveries, the birth of Padma’s daughter was all the more dramatic because of Padma’s struggles with endometriosis — a condition affecting the female reproductive system.

Says Padma:

“I can only speak for myself obviously, but I don’t think you have cognitive thought [when you see your baby for the first time]… It’s not a conceptual thing that you put into words. It’s almost like you don’t think, you just feel. Your heart just explodes with love. My life has changed from night to day.”

As for when Padma will return to work on Top Chef:

“Right now I’m not working, [but] when I go back to work I’ll have her with me,” she said. “[My life] is totally centered on my nursing schedule. I sleep in short spurts. It’s pretty intense, but I’m lucky.”


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