Padma's Baby Daddy Drama!


Someone wants some quality father/daughter time. The rumored baby daddy of Padma Lakshmi‘s baby wants to spend more time with daughter Krishna. A source said that

Adam Dell the reported father of Padma’s child really wants to have a relationship with Krishna and wants a “larger role” in her life. According to the NYPost, he supposedly has photos of baby girl all over his Austin home.  A guest at a recent BBQ there noted,  “how excited he was to raise her, but that Padma wasn’t being entirely accommodating.” Dell is apparently trying to get visitation rights for weekends and vacations.

But a source close to Padma stated that, “An agreement was made with the biological father that was very fair. It’s unfortunate if anything inappropriate is being said.”

Will Padma ever go public with who the father of her child is?