Pam Anderson Made Time For Kids While On Dancing With The Stars


We heard over and over and over again how much Kate Gosselin missed her kids during Dancing With The Stars. Kate’s home base is in PA and DWTS films in LA so she didn’t have the luxury of returning from practice each day to tuck the 8 into bed.

Another single mom on the show, Pam Anderson, lives in California so it was much easier for her to manage her time between TV and real life. “I rehearsed when they were at school, and I saw them every night,” she told”We got to see each other all of the time and they were my priority. Anytime [reporters] asked me a personal question, I would say, ‘You know what I’m thinking about right now? I’m thinking about baseball. My son is pitching tonight and I have to be there at 4:00.'”

Pam has two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee with Tommy Lee.

As for if she and Kate get along, reports point to a definitive no. “Pam can’t stand Kate,” said a show insider who spoke to Life & Style magazine. The source reported that Anderson questions the motives behind Gosselin’s friendliness. “Kate thinks it will help her career, so she’s trying to be all palsy-walsy with Pam. Kate thinks they have a lot in common because their private lives have been (tabloid) fodder for years and they’ve both had reality shows.”

I’m guessing they didn’t share parenting tips.