Pamela Anderson Can't Afford Any More Plastic Surgery


pamela-anderson-ps03Pamela Anderson is in big trouble, she is in debt up to her eyeballs. It’s a sad situation of not working regularly and spending a lot of money.

Maybe this is the reason she decided to live with her boyfriend in his trailer, she was trying to escape the creditors.

The construction companies that were working on her house are the main people going after her and her money, besides the 1.2 million she owes to creditors.

Jay Bruder, the boss of Bruder construction said, “A lot of people are owed a lot of money And none more than him! In June, he filed a $674,043 lien against Pam for the cost of “labor and materials and subcontractors to remodel main house, construct foundations for guest house.”

I don’t think this is something that she’s going to get out of by using her feminine wiles.

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