Pamela Anderson's Workout Secret



Actress Pamela Anderson is known more for her mothering skills, but is occasionally known for her body.  Speaking of her body, how does the 42-year-old stay in shape?

Sex!  Yes, Pam Anderson credits her sex life for her figure.

She said, “Looking good to me has always been because of the amount of sex I’m getting! I’ve hardly ever gone to the gym and I can’t follow diets.

“When I’m not in a relationship and not – hypothetically speaking of course – having lots of sex how do I keep fit? Oh I don’t know. I can’t remember!

“Oh I know. I jump up and down a lot!”

I’m sure her sons love hearing that.  My kids get grossed out if my husband kisses me let alone thinking about anything more.  But that’s life – children do not want to picture their parents being sexual.  GROSS!

Pam has been dating Jamie Padgett, a single dad of two, but was recently spotted at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas throwing herself all over ex-husband and baby daddy, Tommy Lee.  Are Pam and Tommy together AGAIN?  Who knows?

Anderson said, “A couple of years ago I was asked if I’d ever consider walking down the aisle again. At the time I said: ‘You know what, I’d love to, but who’s going to have me? Mother of two, slightly crazy ex-husband never too far away,’ she laments.”

Pam, your kids beg you, we beg you, do not walk down the aisle again.