Pammie Anderson Goes Missing



Not for long, just for an hour, but it was with a mystery guy in a bathroom trailer during a photography exhibition.  Seriously, what is wrong with this woman?  Does Pam Anderson ever consider her two sons when making decisions?  She seems rash and hasty to me.

From Entertainment Daily:

Pamela Anderson had people talking when she attended a recent photography exhibition, as she disappeared with a guy to an outdoor bathroom trailer for almost an hour.

The hottie was present at the opening party for David LaChapelle’s new photography exhibition at the David DeSanctis gallery in LA.

“She was with a guy who plays a character in Cirque du Soleil. They were in the outdoor bathroom trailer together for almost an hour,” the New York Post quoted an attendee as saying.

The insider added: “It was a really crowded party but everyone was whispering about it. We’re not sure what was going on in there.”

She’s dating a guy, Jamie Padgett!  And she and her new boyfriend are reportedly shacked up with their sons (both have two boys), so why is she in a bathroom for an hour with another dude?  And for what reason?  Must have been for “art.” Yeah, that’s it.

Pam Anderson is exasperating.