Pampering Hollywood Style: Mommy & Me Manicures


Kate Gosselin took daughters Hannah and Alexis with her today to grab some mail and get her nails done. Alexis was even nice enough to carry mom’s shoes for her.

While it doesn’t look like the girls got their own mani, plenty of celeb kids like to get their nails done at the same time as mom.

Tom cruise has said that Suri, the pint-sized Grande Dame of girly-ness, loves to “get her nails done with mom.” Even a few years ago she attracted the attention of the paparrazzi with a shade of bright red.

Elin Woods recently took time out to bring her little ones to a salon for some pampering in the wake of the Tiger crisis.

Cheryl Hines sometimes lets her daughter sit on her lap and pick out her color for her. The sparklier, the better.

Sure, some of these kids might be a bit young, but a manicure is a good way to spend time together and feel pretty. When they start getting Mommy & Me facials and botox, then it’s time to worry.