Glee - Papa Can You Hear Me: Who Sang It Better? Lea Michaels or Barbara Streisand? (VIDEO)


Glee Rachel

Barbara Streisand has several songs in her repertoire that are just hers. She owns them. One of them? ‘Papa Can You Hear Me,’ a song which she famously sang in the 1983 film Yentl.

In Monday’s episode “Grilled Cheesus”, Lea Michael’s character Rachel takes her boyfriend to a locale very much like the one in Yentl and belts out the song with that perfection that Lea is known for. She had the candle, the stars and the pipes. In all,  it was a heavy episode, really heavy, tackling morality, mortality and the issues surrounded religions.

But does Lea’s rendition hold a candle to Barbara’s? Check out the videos here, compare and contrast…what do you think?

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