Paquiao vs Margarito Results: Doping Rumors Taint Big Fight

paquiao vs margarito results
Paquiao vs Margarito results: Tainted by doping?

Were the Paquiao vs Margarito results  tainted by doping and steroids? Last year’s scrubbed Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight was derailed in part by doping rumors Mayweather insisted on a pre-fight blood test that Pacquiao, a father of four, didn’t want, and Mayweather implied it was because Pacquiao was juicing. Antonio Margarito has also been the subject of such rumors.

Now the issue is overshadowing last night’s big Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Pacquiao’s traner accused Margarito of taking an ephedra-containing substance just before they fought. Pacquiao’s team wanted a doping test right then and there, but officials refused.

Margarito later denied the charge.

Seems like every sport is rife with these rumors and proven incidents these days, but it’s still a terrible example for kids. What do you think are the doping rumors true or just a way for boxers to throw in some added drama?


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